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unfettered adj : not bound by shackles and chains [syn: unchained, unshackled, untied]

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From un- + fettered.


  • /ʌnˈfɛtəd/ (RP)
  • /ˈʌnˈfɛtɚd/ (US)


  1. past of unfetter


  1. Not bound by chains or shackles.
    • 1841 — Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge, ch. 68
      In a corner of the market among the pens for cattle, Barnaby knelt down, and pausing every now and then to pass his hand over his father’s face, or look up to him with a smile, knocked off his irons. When he had seen him spring, a free man, to his feet, and had given vent to the transport of delight which the sight awakened, he went to work upon his own, which soon fell rattling down upon the ground, and left his limbs unfettered.
  2. In the context of "by extension": Not restricted.




not bound by chains
not restricted
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